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 On one of the darkest days in 1969 Los Angeles, Charles Manson - hippy pimp, party troubadour, and dealer to the rock music insiders of LA - meets Marv Feld, a man whose schemes will take them both to the top of the pop charts. But Charlie is hiding a horrific secret. He is close to getting away with one of the worst crimes in LA history.

 Marv entices Alex Swain, a rising star in the new world of rock journalism, to write about Manson's scene and his campaign for rock stardom. Alex begins to uncover ghastly tales and rumors while being pulled deeper into the Manson Family.

 Burning ambitions crash and the terrifying mad- ness of Manson's secret world is unleashed bit by bit. Finally, a torrent of violence overtakes them all.

manson band
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